LY COMPANY WATER GROUP, S.L. is a company dedicated to the manufacture and packaging in TETRA PAK format of different liquid foods such as soft drinks (osmosed water with essential minerals) and wines and their derivatives.

LY COMPANY has decided to work under the criteria of quality, safety, legality and integrity of the product, implementing and maintaining a Quality and Food Safety Management System based on the IFS Standard FOOD, in order to guarantee the quality and food safety of our products, and thus protect our consumers. In addition, we are aware of our environmental responsibility and the need to protect the environment and promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste generated during our activity.

This is why we have decided to implement an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001 standard to improve performance and efficiency with the environment .

To ensure the development and implementation of the Food Quality and Safety system, and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness, in addition to complying with the principles of ISO 14001LY COMPANY is committed to:

▪ Extend your commitment to the quality and safety of the products we produce.

▪ Ensure the existence of mechanisms to identify customer needs and satisfaction.

▪ Promote a Food Safety Culture , from the highest level in our organizational chart to the rest of the staff.

Communicate, at the relevant levels, the importance of identifying and satisfying customer requirements, and legal and regulatory requirements, through established means.

Disseminate this policy, a reference framework for the creation of Quality, Food Safety and Environment objectives, to all company workers.

Continuously intensify our environmental management to obtain improvements in the global behavior of the company, with a life cycle analysis approach, promoting efficient use of available natural resources and ensuring minimum generation of waste and its correct management in the face of possible environmental contamination.

Identify and control the environmental aspects of the organization and the risks, so that we establish a preventive approach.

▪ Ensure the existence of analysis, measurement, monitoring and improvement processes to:

  • Demonstrate the conformity of the products and the service provided
  • Guarantee the safety, quality and legality of the product
  • Make clear product specifications available to our customers in which all applicable legal requirements are met
  • The conformity and effectiveness of the Food Quality and Safety System, that is, the conformity and effectiveness of all processes related to product specifications

▪ Ensure a pleasant work environment. This refers to those conditions under which work is performed, including physical, environmental and other factors, such as noise, humidity, temperature, etc.

The commitment, collaboration and motivation of all the staff that make up LY COMPANY are essential requirements to achieve these goals. Quality requires the participation and collaboration of everyone, so LY COMPANY will make the necessary resources available to all staff, all aimed at guaranteeing compliance with this Policy.

The objectives proposed in this policy will be reviewed annually and their conformity with the size and complexity of the organization will be assessed.

In Alhaurín de la Torre on September 21, 2022
Francisco Rodríguez López